Sunday, November 23, 2003
  My name is A.AL-SHATTI .I study at Kuwait University. I am from Kuwait. Kuwait is a nice place to live. It has hot climate but you can enjoy yourself there and forget about the hot weather because there are a nice places that you can enjoy there.
I had good relation with friend from another countries that makes me contact with people from other culture
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The environment topic being the most important proposition on necessary flicr to townsman countries and Kuwait until now being with the third world comparison with the industry countries that because they put laws that prevent the enviromental degredation .one of the majoer causes of enviromental problems was the lace of awareness .

Definition of air pollution :
Air Pollution is the presence in the air of substances put there by the acts of man in concentrations sufficient to interfere with health, comfort, or safety, or with full use and enjoyment of property.

The Environmental Impacts After Kuwait Fires :

THE history of wars and military forces certainly have environmental impacts that effects the natural from the military defence and the movement of their heavy equipment . This well, definitely contribute to destroy the earth surface also the theater of wars operations. In 1990 iraqy tropes occupy Kuwait city that they begin intentionally damaged wild life . Dig holes and full it with oil it creates oil lakes this lakes were remain until this moment and emission pollutant organism substances that poison the air for example ( benzene ) specially in the hot weather . unfortunately , they burn the oil wells ( more than 700 wells from 1100 ) Smog and fires appear and move from area to another with air movement that contain ( SO2 ,co , NH3 ) and other stay in the atmosphere layer like ( lead ) that prevent sunshine and made the sky darkness

The Ozone layer :

Veterans probability that Gulf Wars influence on the length of ozone slot from findings the concentration rockets uses . They release rockets from very high places it’s around 28-30km ; In addition , the speed of enemy planes specially F17 , F16 . In this case rarefaction in the atmosphere ; that mean breaking through the air layers and gases crash therefore ,made high temperature and changing ozone gas to oxygen which be damaged ozone layer ; consequently , make progress to earth heater

Main information about the air pollution in Kuwait (1991-present2003) *Problems *cauese *solution

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